Math 8

  • Homework

    9/3: Bring in three ring binder tomorrow with loose leaf inside and a seperate folder for math. 

    9/4: Parent Information SheetMy Life in Numbers Sheet (Both sheets Due Friday 9/6)

    9/9: read pg 7 and answer questions # 1-3 on pg 8

    9/10: No Homework (Church)

    9/11: pg 9 # 4 - 6

    9/12: pg 10 # 7-10

    9/13: Study for Quiz Monday 9/16
    (Fractions, Decimals, Rational and Irrational Numbers)

    9/16: had quiz today, please make sure to bring textbook to class tomorrow. 

    9/17: review pgs 4-10 and on a sheet of paper in your binder write down a minimum of three questions for converting fractions to decimals/ converting decimals to fractions/ Rational and Irrational numbers. 
    Quiz Friday

    9/18: Those who did not do their homework yesterday!
     Your homework is to write 5 reasons why it is Important to check class page, for YOUR HOMEWORK Assignments! 

    9/19: get binder ready for Binder Check tomorrow! & Quiz Tomorrow

    8-10: Study to finish quiz on Monday
    8-21: No Homework

    9/23: Bring your textbook to class tomorrow (if you do not have your textbook with you it will count as a missing homework)

    9/24: Finish pg 11

    9/25: Estimate the value of the square root of 6, 7, and 8. (Write answers on paper in your binder)

    9/26: Square roots worksheet

    9/27: quiz Tuesday 

    9/30: Study for quiz tomorrow

    10/1: no homework

    10/2: no homework

    10/3: pg 18 (odd questions); Binder Check Tomorrow.

    10/4: Quiz Corrections Due Monday

    10/7: pg 20

    8-10: No Homework (church)
    8-21: pg 21 "reflection"

    10/10: No Homework

    10/11: pg 22 # 5 & 6

    10/15: pg 25 (odd questions); Test Thursday 10/17

    10/16: Study for Test Tomorrow

    10/17 & 18: No Homework (study for continuation of Test)

  • Extra Help

    Extra Help is Monday (During Recess)

  • CHSEE News:

    Time is being set aside to review/practice during school.  CHSEE prep practice is as follows:

    8-10:  Tuesday/Math Lab (period 7)
                 Thursday/Math IXL (period 6)

    8-21: Wednesday/Math Lab (period 4)
                Friday/Math IXL (period 6)

    The topics we will be covering in these review classes are as follows:

    Concepts and Problem Solving
    Quantitive Reasoning
    Math Concepts 

    Each student will recieve a packet weekly
    pertaining to one of the topics listed above. There is a practice test at the end of each packet.
    The CHSEE Is Oct. 26, 2019 and the make up exam is Nov. 2, 2019

  • Topic working on in class

    Rational and Irrational Numbers