Daily Announcements

May you walk with God this summer...
Wherever you go,
Whatever you do.

Walking with God means walking with honesty...
With love and courage,
Concern for the feelings of others.

May you talk to God every day...
And in every situation.

Talking to God means praying words of praise...
Praying words of thanks...
For the beauty of creation.
Saying prayers of thanks for friends and good times...

Asking God's help in all your decisions.......
Expressing sorrow when you have failed...

May you talk to God every day

(author unknown)

Wishing you a faith filled, reflective summer where the peace and love of our God fills you each day bringing you closer to His gospel message.

Christina Teisch

"Bonjour mon ami" was heard throughout the halls of St. Thomas the Apostle School as my 5th graders practiced their French with their new friends from the town of Auch located in the south of France!

The children on both sides of the Atlantic taught each other elements of their culture, customs, and traditions during this live videoconference. The students had spent the year communicating through letter writing and completed their partnership through this most exciting communication.

Thank you Mrs. Cammarota and Mrs. Segerdahl for planning 21st century learning opportunities unique to St. Thomas School!

St. Thomas School's National Junior Honor Society's students in grades 7&8 worked effortlessly at their car wash raising $500 for Father Andy's "Hope for the Philippines" efforts. 

Thank you boys and girls for your commitment to our mission statement of
                       "To Teach, Build Community and To Serve."

Mrs. Teisch

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!
Grade Two we absolutely love you!

Song and dance and tributes to all 50 states made this year's State Fair a huge success! 
Thank you Mrs. Mullane and Mrs. Manning for your excellence in educational activities!

Celebrating our grandparents and special friends is a tradition at St. Thomas School that brings a smile and warms our hearts each year! This year was especially fantastic as the kindergarteners and first grade students sang songs from the Beatles as they celebrate 50 years of music in our country.

Thank you Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Pica, Sister Cathy and Mrs. Strauser for all your creative endeavors with the children!

The incubation of our duck eggs is a process that involves predictions, observations and drawing conclusions. Our pre-schoolers happily welcomed 5 ducklings to our school this week! Thank you boys and girls for your excellent care of these eggs! Enjoy your new friends!

In September the new uniform instituted last year will be a requirement for all students. If you have the old uniform shirts, blouses or pants to donate to Father Marcellus, please send it to the school office.

Father Marcellus will be returning to Africa this summer and the children in his village are in need of clothing.
Thank you for your assistance! 

 We are proud to announce the hatching of our baby ducklings!!!! Watch this video for the actual hatching process of one of our newest members of the St. Thomas School family!!!

Thank you Sister Julie, Ms. Kelly and my Pre-K children for your excellent observations and Scientific explorations into the world of incubating ducklings! You are the Best!

To truly learn about empathy and compassion, you need to read the book "Wonder" by R.J.Palacio. Here my 5th graders are using our i-pads accessing e-readers to read together this most moving novel. Thank you Mrs. Segerdahl for incorporating this into the curriculum.

Grade Three is immersed in learning about invertebrates that live in the rain forest! They videoconferenced to the Roper Mountain Science Center in South Carolina where they worked collaboratively. Here they discovered the characteristics of many invertebrates such as tarantulas, mud snails, crabs and millipedes.

Thank you Mrs. Barrett and Mrs. Magarie for your excellent instructional program that includes distant learning! 

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council for 2014 -15!!!

President....................Ariana Freire
Vice President...........Adele Herry
Secretary....................James Cicalese
Treasurer...................Samantha Joseph

We welcomed the sights and sounds of spring through the voices of our children! Thank you boys and girls for your excellent spring concert. A very special thank you to Mr. Mazzitelli for his creativity in designing this show!

Our traditional blue and white field day events gave all the joys of physical activities!

Thank you Mr. D'Auria!

Congratulations to our 7th grade Mock Trial Team at St. John's University Law School!

Frank Artusa, Katherine Callahan,Valarie Diaz, Ariana Freire, Adele Herry, Colin Lawless, Christopher Neubauer, Alessia Pecorella, Anthony Pecorella, Sofia Picariello, Ben Queen and Francely Valverde.

A very special thank you to Ms.Hogan for your tireless work to prepare the students.

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St. Thomas the Apostle's 6th and 8th grade students had the opportunity to explore the possibility of venturing to Mars....via the Mars Rover! Kobie Boykins, a scientist who worked on the design of this space rover, treated our students to a day of motivation in the world of space exploration at the Cradle of Aviation Museum! Our students participated in a webinar last year that showed images of the space rover discovering the Red Planet. 

Watch this clip from News 12 as one of our students was featured!
Thank you Mrs. Conte for arranging this field trip!

Our Mother's Day Pre-School Tea was a most special experience for our students and their moms! Thank you Sister Julie, Ms. DiFrisco and Ms. Kelly for planning this most precious event. Its memory will last a lifetime.

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Interfaith education provides our students with an appreciation for the diversity that exists on our planet. We learn that our similarities are greater than our differences! It fosters respect for all of God's children bringing peace in our world!
It all begins with the children....
St. Thomas the Apostle School has been designated a lead school for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. This honor distinguishes us as leaders in providing training to educators in faith principles and forerunners in technological advances including distance learning videoconferences around the globe for our students.

The students, teachers and parents of St. Thomas the Apostle School are committed to creating an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation.
We work together to strive towards excellence on a daily basis.
We recognize the uniqueness each child brings to our school and we celebrate it!
We thank our Lord for His most precious gift to us-the children!

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From the Principal

We strive to teach, build community and to serve members of our school environment with faith.