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We rejoice in Him...we wave palms...the symbol of Triumph and Victory....
He washes our feet....serves us....
We break bread....."Take this cup and drink from it..."
He prays....
           We betray Him....
                            The crucifixion....
                                      Christ dies for us....
                                                  We wait....we pray...
                               The Resurrection! Christ is Risen!

May this Holy Week's events bring you to a glorious Easter morning. Wishing you and your family renewal....rebirth....rejoice!

Christina Teisch

IPTV: St. Patrick & St. Joseph March 30th 2015

Question: What would happen if two groups of students used context clues, map skills and their investigative knowledge base to discover where the other students lived? It could be anywhere in the world?

Answer: They would enhance their verbal, auditory, kinesthetic and tactual skills using 21st century advantages!

My 6th grades went on a Mystery Skype today learning various facts about their new friends in....Alaska!

Thank you Mrs. Conte for arranging this exciting lesson! Bravo boys and girls!

Congratulations to our students who participated in our Oratorical Contest. Their excellent efforts and hard work was admirable!

Congratulations to our winners!
First Place.............Samantha Joseph
Second Place........Alessia Pecorella
Third Place............Adele Herry

Thank you Mrs. Conte and Ms. Durante for your wonderful guidance with the children. 

Look who is in Newsday today???My wonderful students!!! Congratulations grade 8 and Mrs. Conte for living our faith! The students spearheaded a project to collect t-shirts for teens in need sponsored through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. This Lenten project solidifies the meaning of giving to others as Jesus did.
(View the full size image Click here)

 Our kindergarten children enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs hidden on our front lawn by the Easter bunny!

Congratulations to my wonderfully talented students as they performed at their show! The after school club"Backyard Players Drama Club" did a fantastic job working with these children!
Bravo Boys and Girls!

Students in grades 5 through 8 learned about the history and creation of one of America's most important landmarks, Mt. Rushmore, from its master carver's grandson, Luigi Del Bianco.
Mr. Bianco personified his grandfather's life story from his migration to America from Italy during the turn of the century to his work on this most famous  monument.

Watch for flyer on a new after school club!

The Long Island Chess Nuts....After School Chess Program

Grades 3-8, from beginners to advanced players

Fridays April 17- June 5

The Cradle of Aviation's STEM Competition

STEM(Science Technology Engineering Math) is a meta-physical discipline that uses a range of strategies that assists students in applying concepts and skills from different disciplines to solve meaningful problems. It is an important curriculum strand to all schools as we move forward with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

Our 6th graders, along with 100 students from many public school districts, competed in the MagLev Competition.  (Magnetic levitation is a method where an object is suspended with no support other than a magnetic field. It is a form of transportation being explored by scientists.)

At school, our students were given the opportunity to work on an engineering design to create their team's MagLev vehicle achieving the goal of optimizing their knowledge base in Math, Science and Technology principles.

Congratulations to Devin Gomez and Kylie McShea for winning third place!

A very special thank you to Mrs. Conte and Ms. Durante for working with the students on this enrichment project! You are the BEST!

 Cyber bullying Presentation March 2015

Our students in grades 7&8 gained valuable information as they listened to members of the police department share their knowledge on cyber bullying and using the Internet. Thank you Ms.Harvey for arranging this presentation for the students.

We all put our Irish on to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!Our Shamrock Hunt was truly a fun filled math related activity for our students! Congratulations Emily Farrell, gr.5, for winning the hunt!

What better way to convince winter to leave but to welcome summer early! Grade 2 did just that this week as they celebrated various activities related to summer!

 Teacher Book Character Day
Some of our favorite book characters came to St. Thomas School! Amelia Bedelia, Madeline, Fancy Nancy, Charlotte, Miss Nelson, Viola Swamp, Pippi Longstocking and many others graced our halls sharing their literary genius with the students!
Students in grades pre-school - 5 enjoyed author Joe Shandrowski's presentation of his novels in "Reading Rocks!"
Celebrate Reading!  


PARP-Parents as Reading Partners!




Class Winners!

2-19 Mrs. Miller's Class
5-15 Mrs. Segerdahl's Class
7-22 Ms. Harvey's Class

Thank you for your PARP-ticipation!

Please note the following change in our school calendar to accommodate the loss of three days due to snow.

School Open....Thursday, May 14th Ascension Thursday

Full days...........Monday, June 15th
                          Tuesday, June 16th

Half days;12 noon dismissal......Wed. June 17th
                                                      Thursday, June 18th
                                                       Friday, June 19th

Last Day of School.........Monday, June 22nd 10AM dismissal

All pre-school and grade 8 end ceremonies and graduation events will remain the same as stated on our calendar.

Chris Teisch


Congratulations to our students in grades 5-8 who have attained
Honor Roll Status
for the second trimester. Their names can be accessed under our resource file.

Celebrating Black History Month
Using our TV broadcasting system, our students honored the accomplishments of many famous Black Americans as depicted in this film. James Earl Jones, Michael Jackson, Sojourner Truth, Bessie Colman, and Booker T. Washington-just to name a few- all gave tribute to their personal success story.
Thank you boys and girls and our moderator, Mrs. Conte, for your excellent work!

Congratulations to our students, Jake Lang, grade 6 and Ariana Freire, gr.8 for your excellence in writing on a most important topic. Bravo for your work being published in this global newsletter!

The students took part in a World Food Day Essay writing contest that addressed the question “How Can Healing The Environment Help Stop Hunger?” The students researched various factors that negatively affect our environment and the ability for people to have access to an affordable supply of food. Read more click here

St. Thomas the Apostle School is committed to being a "BUCKET FILLING SCHOOL!" 

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Interfaith education provides our students with an appreciation for the diversity that exists on our planet. We learn that our similarities are greater than our differences! It fosters respect for all of God's children bringing peace in our world!
It all begins with the children....
St. Thomas the Apostle School has been designated a lead school for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. This honor distinguishes us as leaders in providing training to educators in faith principles and forerunners in technological advances including distance learning videoconferences around the globe for our students.

The students, teachers and parents of St. Thomas the Apostle School are committed to creating an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation.
We work together to strive towards excellence on a daily basis.
We recognize the uniqueness each child brings to our school and we celebrate it!
We thank our Lord for His most precious gift to us-the children!

From the Principal

We strive to teach, build community and to serve members of our school environment with faith.

Tuesday, March 31
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