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Mrs. Cammarota


Welcome to Grade Five!

Our class is getting ready for our beautiful Para Liturgy on
Wednesday, April 17 
9 am
All are welcome !!
All students need to have a costume for our Dress Rehearsal 
Thursday. April 11. Information and ideas went home with the children last week. Please be sure to be ready for Thursday. Ty 




Grade 5 students are learning to solve fraction multiplication and division problems. Students can find estimates, round products using bench mark numbers and read and fractions and mixed numbers.  Students should practice reading and writing numbers often.  Reviewing multiplication tables and skills should be nightly. Please practice math skill on IXL Math each weekend to build and develop better fluency in math.

Our Science program introduced the role of a scientist in our world. We completed labs in our class to form an hypothesis, record our observations and use our data to draw conclusions. Our students will continue to use the Scientific Method in class to explain and understand the world around us. We are studying our earth science chapter. Ask your fifth grader about plate tectonics, the layers of the earth and how the earth might look in 1 million years from now. 
       Please review our vocabulary words often and discuss with your children how science is used in our world each day.

Our STEM activities have been fun to create and have given us opportunities to share and explore in the field of science and math. We are using our chrome books and computers to improve and understanding the coding process. We   continue to explore engineering activities using our Lego manipulative. 

 So glad to see all the students everyday eager to learn and share with their classmates. Remember to use our Math and IXL Math sites to help reinforce math skills.  Remember to read each night to build vocabulary, understanding and inference skills.

Above I added important links to help students to reinforce skills taught in class.   

Please check the homework calendar on the left panel for all class assignments and information.