4-15 | Mrs. Mulvihill
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Paper Lanterns.png                                                                          May 22, 2019
Dear Parents, 

Important: Today, May 22 , is the LAST DAY for after school help! 


Social Studies- Chapter 4 -Friday 

ELA: This week we are reading "Hurricanes" -an informational text. 

Math : We are finishing Geometry and beginning the Decimal Chapter ! 

IXL for Ch. 9: 

RELIGION  Grade 4 : 

RELIGION  Grade 5 : In Chapter 11 the students learned about the importance of the Eucharist . In this chapter they will learn that there are many ways members of the Catholic church pray.

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 4) : Life in the NY Colony,the French and Indian War, historical maps will be the topics this week. We are nearing completion of Ch. 4 and the assessment will be this week .

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 5) :  After a small lesson on environmental issues and a Unit 3 test we will begin our study of Latin America! 

All  children  have their user names and passwords for Think Central(math and reading) and IXL  (math practice site).Please note that the sign in for IXL math is their user name @apostle . They can try them out in Computer class. We do not yet have the ConnectEd passwords for science and social studies. 

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at :



Mrs. Mulvihill