Religion Page

     Children will learn about Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith through sacred scripture and sacred tradition.  They will celebrate their faith by learning about the sacraments and participating in our Monthly Masses. Guidance will be given to support children in making the choice to follow Jesus’ example and his teachings.  By choosing to love God and others, children will live the commandments and the spirit of the Beatitudes through their words and deeds. Children will  learn about St. Thomas Parish and the universal Catholic Church.  They will learn about our Blessed Mother and the saints, and they will learn about how they were called by God to serve others.  As disciples of Jesus, children will listen for their call from God as they grow in love and knowledge and service 

First Reconciliation: Children will receive their Sacrament of Reconciliation in January.  This is a very exciting event and parents/family members may attend it if wished.  

Second Grade Retreat: Thursday, March 22nd 

Holy Communion: Children will be preparing for their Sacrament of Holy Communion sometime in April.  They will practice songs and attend a 'mini' retreat.  This will all be under the guidance of Mrs. Pellegrino, our Religious Education Director.
Sacrament of Holy Communion will be held on the weekends of May 4th & 11th; more information on this will follow.