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Weekly News
Dates to Remember

Special Mass - Tuesday March 26th at 9 AM

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Thursday March 28th

School Closed - Teacher Professional Day - Friday March 29th 

ELA/Reading:  Our main reading selection is a Realistic Fiction called “Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend”. Our secondary reading selection is an Informational Text on how to make a kite. Below highlights what skills we will be focusing on this week.  

Target Comprehension Strategies: Understanding Characters; Figurative Language

Grammar: Adjectives with -er & -est (compare)

Vocabulary Strategies: Idioms

Vocabulary Words to Know: knot, copy, planning, lonely, heavily, seriously, answered, guessed

Spelling / Phonics: Homophones

Writing: Compare & Contrast (paragraph)

Math: We are now in Chapter 7 (Money & Time) First, we will look at counting money from coins up to $1.00 and then coins & dollars. We will then move on to Time beginning with 'time to the half hour & hour' and 'time to the minute'.

What you can do at home:  Have available coins for your child to practice counting money.  For time, have your child read to you what the time is (using an analog' clock), while doing things around the home.  

Religion: This week We will begin Ch. 22 "God Calls Us to Love and Serve".  In this chapter, we will learn that everyone is called by God to love and serve.  We will also practice our Communion Songs and celebrate Lenten by creating several 'Lenten' activities.
We thank Mrs. Pellegrino, our Religious Ed. Director, for providing us with a lovely mini Communion Retreat last Thursday.  The children truly enjoyed this wonderful experience.

Social Studies:   
We will read our Studies Weekly #16 'Coming to America'.  In this weekly, students will read and discuss the importance of the Statue of Liberty.  They will also recognize important American symbols like the Liberty Bell and the World War II Memorial.  In addition, they will also learn about the contributions of an American Indian named Chief Joseph, as well as a Hispanic leader named Cesar Chavez.  

We will begin Chapter 3, Lesson 3 on Simple Machines. As we read, we will identify simple machines and discover that simple machines change force to make work easier. 

Have a great week!!!

 Mrs. Magarie


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today". 

by Stacia Tauscher