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Our Anti-Bullying Show for grades K-4 presented by "TheatreThree Touring Company" exemplified the components of addressing bullying. This excellent play gave our students the skills to be active
 "Up Standers" when facing social conflicts.

Welcome to St. Thomas the Apostle School's participation in the
Global Read Aloud! Students in grades pre-k through 7 are engaging in a joint reading project with students in the USA and other countries.

Pictures above depict grade 6 students blogging with their reading partners in Canada!

Last year St. Thomas the Apostle School partook in New York State's Common Core Testing Program in grades 4, 6, and 8 in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. We aggressively embraced numerous professional development opportunities, incorporated additional Common Core instructional materials and created data driven math teams to analyze student performance to drive instruction.

Our scores are available for your perusal under our resource section entitled, " New York State Testing Program."

We continue to embrace new professional development forums for the teachers, infuse instructional practices and examine students' scores to create the most optimal learning environment for our students.

Pre-School and Kindergarten Open House

Monday, October 20th-Friday, October 24th

Visit our 2 year old Toddlers, 3 year old Nursery,
4 Year old Pre-Kindergarten and 5 year old Kindergarten

Half Day, Extended Day and Full Day Programs


After School Extra Help/AIS-Academic Intervention Services

Letters will be sent home this week inviting students to attend our after school extra help sessions based on a variety of criteria. (Please refer to our resource section entitled After School Extra Help AIS.)

Students in need of remediation in a given subject area may partake in our extra help sessions. These sessions will be provided after school on a day designated by each teacher.( Please check each teacher's class page for information.) If a child is having difficulty with a particular subject's concept, the parent is asked to send the teacher a note one day in advance for his/her attendance for that week.

Dismissal from extra help is at 3:30PM. Children will be dismissed in the school yard. These sessions will begin the week of October 20th.

Christina Teisch

The ITBS Testing Program-Iowa Tests of Basic Skills- will be administered during the next two weeks for our students in grades 2-8. The purpose of standardized testing is to assist teachers in making decisions that promote student learning. They reflect a generic estimation of learning that is expected in specific subjects and grade levels.

They are one part of a whole array of assessment practices that provide teachers evidence of academic success along with data for decision making in instructional practices. The subject areas tested include Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Written Expression, Mathematical Problem Solving and Computation.

  A wonderful time had by all at our First Fun Run 2014! Thank you to all who participated and a special thank you to our moderators Mrs. Callahan and Mrs. Smith!

October is Anti-Bullying Month. To heighten the children's awareness of the importance of this topic we have two cultural arts shows scheduled. On October 9th, "Stand Up/Shout Out" for students in Kindergarten - grade 4 and "Class Dismissed" on October 30th for students in grades 5-8. These performances will use dramatic play with school age children to emphasize the strategies and techniques to employ when confronted with bullying.

Orange is the color symbolizing bullying awareness therefore both these days are "Wear Orange Dress Down Days."

International Day of Peace....September 21st

The United Nations has declared September 21st to be a day of recognition for global cease fire and non-violence. Organizations and schools around the planet embraced this concept putting forth peace initiatives to commemorate this theme.

Thank you students of St. Thomas the Apostle School for this beautiful IPTV presentation for all our students. 
A special thank you to Mrs.Conte,our broadcasting moderator, for your fine efforts in guiding the children.

Nassau County's Health Education Prevention Program's educators will be providing our students in grades 1-4 instruction during the next 8 weeks. This instruction includes topics such as peer mediation, bullying, social skills, drug awareness and Internet safety. In an age appropriate manner, puppetry, dialogue and role playing all encompass the components of the program.  The children are provided with strategies and skills to assist them in making wise choices and live in the cooperative environment we call school.

St. Thomas the Apostle School is committed to being a "BUCKET FILLING SCHOOL!"

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Interfaith education provides our students with an appreciation for the diversity that exists on our planet. We learn that our similarities are greater than our differences! It fosters respect for all of God's children bringing peace in our world!
It all begins with the children....
St. Thomas the Apostle School has been designated a lead school for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. This honor distinguishes us as leaders in providing training to educators in faith principles and forerunners in technological advances including distance learning videoconferences around the globe for our students.

The students, teachers and parents of St. Thomas the Apostle School are committed to creating an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation.
We work together to strive towards excellence on a daily basis.
We recognize the uniqueness each child brings to our school and we celebrate it!
We thank our Lord for His most precious gift to us-the children!

From the Principal

We strive to teach, build community and to serve members of our school environment with faith.

Monday, October 20
Pre-School-Kindergarten Open House
Faculty Mtg. Dismissal

Holiday Pie Sale
Tuesday, October 21
Pre-School-Kindergarten Open House
Reconciliation Parent Mtg.
New Date
Wednesday, October 22
Pre-School-Kindergarten Open House

Thursday, October 23
Pre-School-Kindergarten Open House
Mass 9AM
Friday, October 24
Pre-School-Kindergarten Open House


Halloween Party Pre-K-gr.2 Gym
gr.3-6 Auditorium

Saturday, October 25
High School Entrance Exam
Monday, October 27
Winter Uniform Begins
K-8 Math Curriculum Mtg.
Tuesday, October 28
Gift Wrap Sale Ends

Thursday, October 30
Wear Orange and Black Day
No Uniforms
Dress Down Day

Gr. 7&8 Halloween Dance 7:30-10PM
Friday, October 31
School Closed
Teachers Diocesan Professional Day

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